America’s youth reaches out to Ugandan children

Young people across the nation are taking action to end the suffering of children in Uganda

Schools and universities are stepping up to host benefits for the children of Uganda through the organization Invisible Children.  The release of Invisible Children’s new documentary,”The Rescue,” has sparked a new movement against the LRA.  

Ithaca College in New York, Hutchinson School in Tennessee, the University of Georgia, and Bethel University in Minnesota, are just a handful of schools that have upcoming events to support the new documentary and the children of Uganda.  These events range from comedy shows to film screenings to concerts.  

Invisible Children benefit concert

Invisible Children benefit concert

“It’s a cause people need to know about because no one else sees what’s going on there,” said Beth Henderson, a freshman at Ithaca College and organizer of an Invisible Children event.  “The problems [in Uganda] aren’t really talked about that much.”  Ithaca College is planning to have speakers from Invisible Children at their event, followed by the screening of the first documentary, “Invisible Children: The Rough Cut,” and the new documentary, “The Rescue.”

The humanitarian organization Invisible Children started with their first documentary, “Invisible Children: The Rough Cut,” which was filmed by three college student from California in 2003.  It became an official non-profit organization in 2005 and since then has raised over $15 million to help the people of northern Uganda.  They have also created scholarship programs for children in Uganda and programs for survivors of the war to learn how to run their own businesses. 

On April 25, Invisible Children is holding a global event called “The Rescue” which will take place in 9 countries and 100 cities.  This new movement is what has young people reaching out within their communities to raise money.  For example, at the University of Georgia in Athens, the comedy group known as Improv Athens will be hosting a show alongside Invisible Children to raise support for the children of Uganda.


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