Oprah to “The Rescue”

Invisible Children gets air time on Oprah because of “The Rescue”

therescue-mediumOn Saturday, April 25, the organization Invisible Children held a worldwide event called “The Rescue,” in which people were sleeping on the streets and marching until they got the attention of the median and had cultural mogul support them.  For the city of Chicago, “The Rescue” lasted longer than all other cities involved because they aimed high.  They would not leave the streets until Oprah gave a statement of support for Invisible Children.

In 2003, three college students from California went to Africa and documented the story of over 300,000 children that have been abducted in Uganda over the last 23 years.  The final product from their trip was a film titled Invisible Children.  Because of an overwhelming public response from the film, the three students, Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey and Laren Poole, co-founded the non-profit organization Invisible Children, Inc.  

Last week a crowd of thousands gathered outside Orpah’s Harpo Studio begging her to support Invisible Children and listen to the story.  The group even made a few videos and posted them on YouTube asking Oprah to rescue them.  And eventually she did come to the rescue.  

At the beginning of Orpah’s show last Thursday, April 30, she urged her viewers to watch the film and visit the Invisible Children website.  She also talked with the three young filmmakers while they stood outside the studio with the large crowd of activists.  It was a big step forward for the movement because they were getting support from one of the world’s most powerful and influential women.  Look to the Stars, a celebrity and charity website, also covered this story.

Here is a video recap of “The Rescue” that happened in Chicago.

The next step in this movement, “How It Ends,” will occur on June 22-23 during lobby days in Wasthington D.C.  They are asking thousands of people to come to D.C. to ask the nation’s political leaders to aid in ending the war in Uganda.    

In the end, “The Rescue” was considered a success.  Many local newspapers and televisions across the globe covered the stories of the young activists out on the streets.  Also, because of this event many online sources are giving attention to the injustices that are happening in Africa.  For instance, the latest blog post from the informational blog about current events called A Deeper Look, featured Invisible Children and the issues in Uganda.

This is exactly what the organization and its followers were demanding- the attention of the media.  

Their mission is clearly stated in their “Who We Are” section on the website: “Our media creates an opportunity for people to become part of a grassroots movement that intelligently responds to what’s happening the world.”


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  1. […] We should care because if we don’t do anything about this problem them this issue will get bigger and bigger more young boys will be abducted to become killers. Young girls will end up being pregnant. More family members will be killed. The guys abducting all these children will go to other countries and abduct kids from other places and do the same with these kids. This is why i think its important to something about this issue. The abductors  need to be stopped.These young boys and girls need to be rescued. […]

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